Wednesday Night Snippets – falling down edition

Hey all.
My time here at Frankfurt is now at an end.
Today at the show I had a very entertaining chat with Saab Designer, Simon Padian, as well as a good talk with Magnus Hansson, one of Saab’s Product Management people (and former chief of Saab Canada).
The one thing I’m deeply disappointed that I didn’t get to do was have a chat with Jan-Ake Jonsson, due to an appointment mix up that was my fault. I was sure in my own mind that the appointment was set for a certain time, when in fact it was 30 minutes earlier. Apology was made and graciously accepted, and hopefully there might be another opportunity somehow.
I’m still accumulating your 9-5 queries. Some of the more detailed queries just won’t get answered, I’m afraid, but I’ll get to as many as I can with either photos or explanations.
I’m driving one of the test mule vehicles tomorrow, so that should be good (to say the least!)
Sorry I don’t have as much by way of snippets this evening, but we had a great dinner this evening and I’ve got an early flight to Gothenberg in the morning.
We were a group of 7 at dinner and it was an absolutely fantastic night at the YOURS Australian Bar in Frankfurt.
There’s only six in the photo as whilst Bob Lutz was happy to attend, he wanted to remain incognito and opted to take the photo instead of being in it.

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