Welcome Saab Club Denmark

I’d like to welcome the Saab Club of Denmark to the list of Saab Clubs maintained here at SaabsUnited.
121037400.jpg Denmark, of course, is quite close to the Saab motherland and you may (or may not) know that Denmark has a Saab-driving Princess who happens to be a Tasmanian. Princess Mary met Prince Frederick at the Sydney Olympics back in 2000 and he’s since dragged her back home and made an honest woman out of her.
In Denmark, they’re Cown Prince Frederick and Princess Mary, though when they come for their semi-regular holiday downunder they’re just plain old Fred and Mary.
But I digress…..
The Saab Club of Denmark has a forum based site with a very active board. Being so close to Sweden they have an active interest in Saabs, with 420 members on the club’s register.
If you’re Danish and you’re not involved with the club, you can check out their site and maybe hook up with their next event(s)
If you’re a member of a Saab Car Club that isn’t listed on the board, then please do let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

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