Welcome to Maptun as a Saabs United sponsor!!

It’s my sincere privelege to welcome Maptun to these pages as a new sponsor of Saabs United.
Maptun are a longstanding, Swedish based Saab tuning house – and I’m pleased to say they’re also the performance partner of the Saabs United Historic Rally Team.
Maptun are based in Örebro, a few hours north-east of Stockholm, but they sell their tuning gear worldwide through a comprehence distribution chain (see below). Their products are in now way limited to the regular stuff you expect from a Saab tuning company – ECUs, cold air induction and exhausts – these guys do THE LOT!
Engine rebuilds, cylinder heads, pistons, cams, valves, flywheels, big brakes, intercoolers, fuel systems, hoses, suspension components and kits….. the list really is comprehensive. You could blow out a mortgage with these guys and love every second of it.
That’s not to say they’re expensive, though. A mate here in Hobart bought a stage 3 kit for his 9-5 Aero a few years back for $3K – fitted! More on that later.
If you’ve never visited Maptun’s website then do yourself a favour and check it out now. It’s one of the most user-friendly tuner websites I’ve ever come across. Right at the beginning you choose your language and currency and from there on it’s smooth sailing.
Pick your model, current engine, and you can see all the different tuning kits available for your car at a glance.
For example, here are the options available when I select my particular model (Saab 9-3, 1999 2.0T 200hp standard). When I said they’ve got heaps of options available, I meant HEAPS of options – even BioPower!
Maptun have just released a new product called Maptuner.
Your car’s new tune is stored in the Maptuner unit, which you connect to the car via cable into the diagnostic port. Once connected, the Maptuner reads and stores your current engine tuning information and then installs the Maptun tune you’ve selected.
It’s much simpler than ECU replacement and the beauty of the system is that you can revert back to your factory tuning at any time. Simply plug the unit in again and reinstall the original tune. Updates and upgrades will be available from Maptun via download to your Maptuner so you’ve got maximum flexibility as well.
Those of you who are familiar with BSR’s PPC tuning system will recognise the new Maptuner system straight away. It really is the simplest way to boost your car’s performance.
Maptuner is only available for a limited model range at the moment, but they will be expanding that range in the short to medium term.
A friend of mine here in Hobart, Craig Y, got a stage III kit from Maptun when he bought his Saab 9-5 Aero wagon.
Just after he bought it, we went out and shot some video. I’ve featured this video here before, but it’s worth showing again. Ah, my Viggen…..those were the days.
UPDATE – I’ve moved removed the video to after the jump as it seems to be causing problems for some.
The video can be seen here at Youtube.
Click here to visit the Maptun website.
My sincere thanks to Fredrik and the crew at Maptun for their support of both SU and the SU Historic Rally Team.

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