33% off Trionic5 Red DI cassettes at Elkparts

Just picked up via Twitter…..
saab_trionic_five_DI.jpg John at Elkparts has 2 only, red DI cassettes selling at 33% off normal price. If you drive a Saab 4cyl T5 vehicle (9000, NG900 or original 9-3*) then getting one of these can be good insurance against DI casette failure. I’ve never had one fail personally, but have heard plenty of stories from people who have and it’s not a good experience being stranded like that.
NOTE – There are only two DI cassettes available. They’re brand new, still in their boxes.
Click here for the Elkparts product page.
* Also note…. these are not suitable for 9-3 Aero or Viggen models, which use Trionic7.

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