9 things to do to Saabify your world

Not feeling Saaby enough? Could you use some boost in your automotive life?
There are several things you can do to enhance the enjoyment you get from your favourite automotive brand. Saab have a tradition of doing some great things when given the opportunity, and that opportunity is just beginning again now. They’re going to need people like you to be in it for the long haul.
So here’s a few thoughts. Some of them might cost a little and some will cost you nothing but some time well spent.
Saab 96Buy a Saab!
Whether it’s restoring a classic bought on the cheap or getting hold of the latest and greatest Saab have got to offer, there’s nothing quite like a new set of wheels to get the juices flowing.
Personally, I’m a classics guy, which is why I’m going for a classic 1978 Saab 99Turbo, though if my wife’s 9000 dies then we’ll be looking for a 9-5 to join the household. The thought of either of those arriving in the driveway fills me with anticipation.
Custom Saab 9-3Enhance your existing Saab
Don’t want the trouble/strain of finding and financing a new ride – then why not do up your existing one? This is something I factor into every car that I buy.
I love personalising my car, whether it be the wheels, the interior, some handling or engine upgrades. This is a process that I find builds a stronger connection between me and my car (and don’t deny it or think I’m silly – you wouldn’t be reading this if that connection didn’t exist between you and yours!)
The most exciting upgrades are the engine upgrades, giving you more zing for your dollar than anything else. A car is for driving, after all. Whether it be Hirsch for the warranty conscious or Maptun or BSR for the aftermarket tuner, there are plenty of really cost effective upgrades available that will transform your car to the point where it really does feel like you’ve bought a different one.
Saab engine loving!Detail your car
There’s still a little while before the really nasty weather starts hitting the northern hemisphere. Why not enjoy your car a little more in the few weekends that remain with good detail?
There’s nothing quite like showing your Saab off in best condition at a local club event to restore a little of that Saab Pride.
It takes a bit of elbow grease and a little bit of product (like this kit from Saab Parts USA or any of these from State of Nine), but the gleaming results will have you in danger of crashing as you spend all your driving time gazing into shop windows to see your car’s reflection.
scca_logo.gifJoin a Saab Car Club
There are heaps of Saab Car Clubs around the world and wherever you are, there’s a chance there’s one not too far away.
Car Clubs are great for meeting like-minded enthusiasts and can really help you get more enjoyment from your car. Activities like technical meetings, drive events and social gatherings all help you increase your interest in, and knowledge of the Saab company a little more.
I’ve got an incomplete list of Saab Car Clubs from around the world here. Check it out. There’s probably one not too far away from you.
And if your club isn’t listed there, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll happily add it to the list.
SClogo.gifGet online
OK, so you’re here already. That’s a good start.
But for those who aren’t aware, there’s a number of really good Saab forums and websites out there that you can participate in. I cut my teeth on Saab Central and to a lesser extent, Saabnet. But there’s also Saab Scene, The Saab Link and a whole bunch of other regional forums in different countries. If you speak Swedish then the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden forum would be a must.
These are all sites where you can read, but also participate more in a back-and-forth discussion and get assistance with any difficulties you might be having.
Saab%20badge%20small.jpgGo on a photo shoot
There’s no better way to show your car off, either here at SU or on one of the aforementioned forums, than to take your freshly detailed Saab out to a good location and take some great photos.
I’ve published some useful car photography tips in the past (here, here and here) and you can use sites like Flickr or Picasa for inspiration. Both are searchable so you can find some great Saab shots really easily.
99900lance-150x150.jpgRead up!
The first thing that got me into Saab was a ride in a Saab 9000 all those years ago. The thing that sucked me right into Saab as a company and a ‘culture’ was reading about all the things this little company did. It really is a rich and unique history.
Essential starters for those who haven’t got any Saab books would be Mr Saab (about Erik Carlsson), Saab 99 and 900 The Complete Story (by our good mate, Lance Cole) and if you can find one that’s affordable, Saab: Half a Century of Achievement by Eric Dymock.
Hit this link for some other good titles.
Koenigsaab T-ShirtBuy a shirt.
Simple and pretty inexpesnsive, really. I wear Saab shirts of some description at least two or three times a week.
Saab Expressions have a great range of stuff, and of course, there’s also SU’s own Saab Design custom shop.
The custom shop’s really good in that you can add to the designs we’ve already created with your own lettering, etc. It’s very flexible and the garments themselves are really long-wearing.
Also, check out Griffin Gear for some great stuff, too.
Saab TattooGet hardcore!
You think things are already Saaby enough? There’s always room to step it up a notch.
Saab model car collections, for instance. Or Saab real car collections.
Or for the really comitted (think lifetime or laser removal committed) – Saab tattoos!!!!
No matter how hard you think you’re going, someone… somewhere is going harder.
Those are just a few thoughts on how you can inject a little more Saabiness into your life. I hope you find one or two things there that might be useful.

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