99T problems……

UPDATE below
So we’re here………
I went down to Wantirna Automotive today to pick up the 99T but there has been an issue. It’s the same issue that’s always been a problem for this car (the fuel system). We thought it had all been sorted, but it’s reared its ugly head again.
Basically, there is still some contamination in the fuel tank.
When David went to start the car up again earlier in the week, it killed the new fuel pump. What’s happening is that when you run the car, the fuel picks up the little bits of contamination left in the tank (from ethanol in the fuel eating away at rubber fittings over time) and this is what’s killed the pump.
We’ve put a 2nd hand pump in there for the time being, but obviously its life could be quite limited without some further action. We’re treating the symptom instead of the disease.
So as I faced this news this morning, there were two options:
1) Chemically clean the tank, which would see the car stay here another week as the alkaline salts acid stuff has to be made from scratch (not a great option), or
2) Swap out the tank for a good one.
Thankfully, David’s got a good store of old Saab bits and had a suitable tank amongst it all. The tank swap is being done and I should be able to pick up the car in a couple of hours from now.
Isn’t buying old cars fun?!!!
I just got a call from the mechanic and it wasn’t good news……
The spare tank isn’t suitable for the job. They thought on a quick visual that it would suit, but it won’t.
So we now have to resort to Option 1 – chemically cleaning out the tank.
Thankfully, their chemical guy can mix the stuff up tonight (you can’t buy it off the shelf) and drop it in to the workshop early tomorrow morning. He’s 100% confident that it will do the job so we should have the car before lunchtime.
It really puts us under some duress for tomorrow, though. We have to

  • pick the car up,
  • pick up the spare parts we were going to transport in the car,
  • head over to another guy’s place to swap the hatch and the bonnet,
  • detach the gearbox off the spare engine and load that up

And all that before getting the car to the boat for the overnight ferry.
The clock will be ticking……..

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