A closer look at the Saab Police Car – part II

When I posted my initial entry on building a Saab police car a few days ago, some people asked questions about the engines in the car.
Contrary to some beliefs, there aren’t any secrets about that. It’s just that I didn’t ask in order to write about it here.
Fortunately, the good guys at ANA Specialbilar have a really good website with plenty of information about the cars, including these great images that show (in Swedish) the various features of the cars.

I did shoot off an email to them asking about engines, and Martin from ANA was kind enough to provide the following:

All of our police cars have a certain chassi standard witch include 16″ brakes and harder springs and stronger antirollbar.
Saab 9-5 wagon
The most common engine is the 2.3t Biopower, which gives you 210bhp on E85.
On highway/traffic patrol cars they usually choose 2.3T 260bhp regular petrol.
Using the Diesel engine is very unusual. It has 150bhp but then we upgrade it to 175bhp with Hirsch Performance software.
Saab 9-3 Sedan & wagon
The most common version is the 2.0t 200bhp E85.
Some have the TTID 180bhp
Once awhile 2.0t 210bhp or 280bhp V6 XWD
My thanks to Martin to filling out this information for us.

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