A little drive in a Tuned Saab….

Whilst touring around in Sweden last month I called in on the guys at Maptun, who are sponsors of this site.
Whilst I was there, they thought I’d enjoy a taste of one of their more extreme tuning jobs. So they got a customer to bring in his tuned Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe, which is running on ethanol and producing around 480+ horsepower!!!
The car has a 2.3 engine in it rather than the standard 2-litre that was normally found in the Aeros and it’s been worked over pretty heavily in the power department, though the suspension is yet to be fully sorted.

Yes, we did break the speed limit a little, but only in the name of research and only when safe to do so.
FYI, here’s a sample of some of the speed intervals this car has achieved:

  • 80-120 = 2.41 seconds
  • 100-150 = 3.07 seconds
  • 110-160 = 3.31 seconds
  • 100-180 = 6.60 seconds
  • 100-200 = 8.64 seconds

It certainly was fun. Tuned Saabs can be so incredibly addictive. Just use them wisely, OK?

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