An update on Swedish Car Day X

the following was posted in comments by Pierre Belperron, one of the guys from Charles River Saab, organisers of Swedish Car Day X. Unfortunately the day brought with it some pretty poor weather, which led to some mixups as to whether the day was proceeding or not.
Pierre writes as follows:

Thumbnail image for SCD10_Saab.gifThanks again for your postings on Swedish Car Day. Yesterday was spent both recovering from the event and tending to my duties at the dealership from which I had been distracted for some time. I was all set to compose a piece for you and send some pictures, but I think the Boston Globe had it well covered.
In ten years, this was the first time we had truly awful weather. It can be cold or windy, and we’ve had some days of drizzle, but never steady rain. And we were lucky–ten miles south there were gale force winds, and ten miles west the rain was snow! We’d love to move the event earlier, but the Auto Museum has a tight calendar, so changing is difficult.
We did hit an organizational snafu. In conversations at 9pm the night before, some of the team wanted to cancel. Not the Charles River Saab contingent. We stated we’d be there no matter how diminished the event and attendance were going to be, and we were sure there would be a turnout and we had a commitment to those enthusiasts. I guess the web-master did not understand the final decision because he promptly posted on our website that the event was cancelled! I did not realize this until the event was over.
Still, we registered sixty cars between 8 and 11am. We then closed registration out of pity for my son, Marcel, who at the ripe age of 13 has done registration for several years for me, plus some of our employees who also assisted. After that, another fifteen or so cars pulled in and we let them in free. We had cars from every New England State, plus several from New York and Pennsylvania.
We moved much of the event inside the museum, including the presentations by Ralph Bockoven and Keith Hart. There were several former Saab USA employees in attendance–John Moss, Dave Schurk, Keith Hart and Peter Maitland. Felix Bosshard, who founded Charles River Saab (ne Gaston Andrey Associates) in 1957 and owned it until 1999, also attended.
Soggy as it was, and diminished in size, it was still a very lively group who wasn’t going to let a little rain get in the way of their fun. We even raised a bit of money for the museum. Thanks again!

Kudos once again to the people who made the effort to turn out in the bad conditions, and for the organisers for battling on amidst the adversity.
There is a gallery of cars from the day over at

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