Autotrader road test the Saab 9-3x

It’s good to see the Saab 9-3x getting out and about now amongst the press corps.
I’m very keen to see what they’ve all got to say about the Saab 9-3x because I so enjoyed driving it myself, a month or so ago in Sweden.
I’m not the only one, either. I’ve in semi-regular contact with one dealer who’s driving it regularly – and loving it – and one of our fellow SUers is contemplating one in place of a convertible! I’ll keep him anonymous until that whole story plays out.
This test is from Autotrader in the UK and they seem to quite like it, too.

It’s easy to dismiss cars like the Saab 9-3X; after all, they’re just standard cars with jacked up suspension and a slightly rugged look. But scratch beneath the surface and there’s much to recommend them.
Owners looking for a capable tow car with the occasional need to drive across a field will find much to like in this small, but growing, niche. Not everyone wants a full or even mid-size SUV, after all.

….and that is exactly the point.
The Saab 9-3 SportCombi in normal mode could have been adequately marketed as the anti-SUV. The additions of some clearance, go-tougher-bits and XWD make the case even stronger for the Saab 9-3x as a multi-tasking light duty load carrier.
I’ll let you go through and read the full report, but here’s the conclusion:

There’s plenty to recommend the Saab 9-3X, not least price, handsome looks and practicality, but enthusiastic drivers may feel their itch has not been scratched. It is certainly enough of a car to placate the need for a larger SUV however.

And isn’t it good to see one in a colour other than white?

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