BAIC working on electric drive

Everyone’s treating the BAIC deal as a one-way street, with BAIC picking up technology from Saab and Saab getting little back but the money to secure the K-Segg deal.
Maybe, just maybe they’re further ahead than we thought and maybe there’s going to be some co-development on stuff. Sooner than we think?

A top executive of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp (BAIC) said on Tuesday that the automaker would complete the R&D of its first-ever pure electric sedan before the end of this month.
“We are currently developing a moderate hybrid for military use, a full hybrid SUV for civilians and a mild hybrid engineering vehicle,” said Wang Dazong, general manager of Beijing Auto, at an industry event in Beijing.
He emphasized that the company would probably complete R&D of a pure electric sedan before the end of October.

Hybrid and electric are undoubtedly going to be a big part of Saab’s future. Perhaps they’ll have someone to partner with that they’re related to.
I’ve got to admit, now that Saab’s independence engines are almost up and running and electric Saabs are a realistic blip on the horizon, I’m getting more interested in them. I’ve always been into cars for the raw driving experience, but now that something feels like a real possibility, I’m starting to get more interested.
I guess I owe Gripen an apology for my indifference in the past (there’s a test to see if he’s still checking in). Gripen, rest in the knowledge that you’re at least three years ahead of me in your thinking!

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