BMW: our cars are overpriced?

There sure have been a lot of marketing screwups in the last few months.
GM had a campaign recently called The Best Car Wins where they invited people to vote for the brand they thought was best in a number of categories. Should they be surprised that when the votes were tallied, GM didn’t win a single category?
The Best Car Wins
Maybe they were using it as a benchmark to come back with an “I told you so” after a certain number of tests or something. But at the moment it just looks like another backfired marketing campaign (like the DIY videos for Tahoe they tried a few years ago).
Just now, I spotted this ad on one of my local news websites. It’s BMW flogging the JOY horse again, this time trying to use some clever words to camouflage the fact they’re offering incentives.
BMW ad
“Credit where credit is due” usually means that you give something congratulations or praise when it worthy.
But when the ‘credit’ you’re talking about is $4,000 off the price, then the notion that it’s ‘due’ just implies that it’s overpriced to start with.

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