Can any other car wear Saab’s Inca wheels?

The three-spoke Aero wheel will quite possibly go down as the quintessential Saab wheel of all time – and rightfully so.
But there’s few wheels that sum up their manufacturer and their era quite like Saab’s Inca wheels, as found on the Saab 99 Turbo and a few early Saab 900 Turbos.
Saab 99 Turbo TU2
In the 1970s, Saab were on the up, doing funky cars with funky interiors and there’s little in all autodom that says ‘funky’ like a set of Incas. They are nothing, if not unique (except awkward to clean and even more awkward to re-paint).
I saw an image on my Flickr feed today, which got me wondering….
Some wheels are so nice on their own that they could quite easily be transferred from one car to another and still look good, and suit the new vehicle they’re on.
I tend to think, however, that Incas are so 1970s Saab that they couldn’t make the transition to anything else and still look like they belong there.
This was the image, posted by Sven Carlsson:
It’s a good choice, picking a car with a bit of a cult following, but I’m still unsure as to whether the Incas have successfully completed the cross-marque journey.
a) Could any other car wear them?
b) would any other car want to wear them (they can be an acquired taste, after all)

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