CAR Magazine interview Christian von Koenigsegg

CAR Magazine have published an interview with CVK today where he talks about all things Saab.
If you’re up to date on all the news here, then I don’t think you’ll find much in this interview that we haven’t previously heard from CVK or the news stories.
Still, it’s good to see all this information in the one place. It’s also good to see CVK out there talking about Saab and the plans they have for it. It inspires more confidence than the silences we’re used to.
Some snippets……

I want to create a viable Swedish car company. Most commentators in the media say that there is little chance, because Saab has never made money. It is a fairly simple analysis. If you based all business decisions on what has happened before and expected that it would be exactly the same in the future, then there would be no way to change anything. Ever. We see it in a slightly different way

Jan-Ake Jonsson:

He is a rock that manages to stand up no matter how strong the wind is blowing. He stands up for Saab’s tradition and creates a good balance in our future management plans

Future Cars:

A specific electric car, a 9-3, the 9-5 and at least one car smaller than the 9-3. Perhaps something like a Mini Cooper with a premium. We could even launch a Sonnet sports car, but we really need everything else fixed before we can indulge ourselves in that sort of opportunity.

I’ve been busy tonight working on the Classifieds site so this was a welcome read after a hard night’s code-monkeying.
Click here to read the full article.
Thanks to Greg for the link!

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