CAR Magazine show impression of Saab 9-5 wagon

CAR Magazine have employed an artist to draw the Saab 9-5 wagon for them, presumably based on either someone seeing it in Trollhattan or just extrapolating from the sedan.
Click the link to enlarge a little. Click the link above to see it in full size.
So whaddaya think?
It’s a pretty handsome machine. I think there may be more people waiting for the wagon rather than the sedan in many markets. I still don’t completely understand why they don’t release them together, though I’m sure they would if they could.
I should remind you at this point that this ain’t the first wagon impression out there. In fact, right here at SU we had what I can tell you was a very authoritative image.
As you can see, the two are pretty similar and I believe they largely show the car as it’ll appear next year. There’s some slight differences around the rear windows and the lower one seems to have more defined ‘shoulders’.
It should be a great release for Saab when it comes. Make sure you click through to the CAR Magazine article and check out their thoughts on it.
Thanks to Ronan for the link!

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