Concerns with my air filter….

Some of you may know that I recently installed a Hirsch uprated ECU and a new, open air filter in my 1999 Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo (2.0 HOT Trionic 5).
Saab Air Filter fitting
I’ll be swapping out the Hirsch ECU shortly to give a 225HP unit from Maptun a test drive for a few weeks, but I’m wondering if I should swap out my air filter at the same time. The air filter has been an absolute blast to have fitted to the car, but it’s exhibiting one particular trait that’s not only a little annoying, but is also causing me some concern.
Ever heard of Gumleaf music? Ever blown a stream of air along the edge of a sheet of paper? If so, then you’ll know the behaviour and associated noise I’m talking about. It’s not that my air filter sounds like a Cockatoo, but the principle upon which gumleaf music is possible – it’s the vibration from the filter that I’m talking about.
I’m not sure whether I’ve fitted the filter incorrectly – maybe too tight or too loose – but at certain levels of airflow, it stops its normal, addictive Darth Vader soundtrack and vibrates with a resonance that’s rather loud and disconcerting.
The noise isn’t the major problem. What I’m worried about is (my theory only and totally unproven) the possibility that the vibrations causing the noise could be shaking the paper in the filter so much that some of the particles that it’s designed to catch could be let loose to fly into my intake.
Misplaced concerns?
As I said, I love the air filter. I honestly don’t know if it helps with the car’s performance or not and if so (or not), then the effect either way is marginal, at best. What I love about it is the sense of theatre that it lends to the driving experience. It’s great to hear all that air rushing in.
But if there’s a chance that it’s doing damage due to either being a faulty unit or me installing it incorrectly, then I’ve got to get it sorted. I’ve not heard any similar complaints from others. In fact, I’ve read nothing but praise from happy customers about this item, so I’m quite sure it’s a case that’s distinct to my car and filter.
Any advice based welcome…..

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