Custom Saab 9-3: Norwegian style

Our mate Olav in Norway – who always takes the long road home in his Saab 9-5 – recently called into his Saab dealer for a bit of work. Whlst he was there, he thought he’d have a look around, as you do.
Sitting in the showroom with a ‘sold’ sign on it was this customised Saab 9-3, bearing no identifiers save for a single deer’s head on the rear. It’s Hirsched, but the other details are for us to guess.
I always like seeing the different custom treatments people give their Saabs and the Scandinavians tend to do it more often and to a greater degree than most. I like most of what’s going on here so kudos and congratulations to the new owner. I hope you enjoy it.
And thanks to Olav for the photos. Click to enlarge.


More photos after the jump……


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