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It’s been a while since I’ve rapped at ya (10 brownie points if anyone can identify that reference), and I’ve seen a few things since the last entry and I thought that I’d lay them out for you.
First of all, it was inevitable that the new 2010 9-5 would hurt the value of the current generation 9-5, but even I would not have predicted something like this: Honest John in the UK is reporting that a UK discount auto broker is selling 2008-model Saab 9-5’s at about 60% of their original sticker price. That’s steep depreciation no matter how it got there. I’m certain that many of those cars were not sold at or near their original sticker price, but even with that taken into account, it’s still a shocking fall.
Not surprisingly, Saab sales are way down overall — see this from the East Sussex Saab Club via Twitter.
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As a way to follow up Swade’s original 2010 Saab 9-5 brochure (the Norwegian version), the UK 2010 Saab 9-5 brochure may be found here.

UK 2010 9-5 brochure clip.jpg

I spotted this Aston Martin in a Chicago parking garage recently. I was struck by some of the traditional Saab styling cues that I noticed. Almost as if it were the long-lost love child of the last Sonett and the AeroX. I totally see it.

aston martin chicago garage.jpg

This set my mind to thinking… if Aston Martin can build this car, certainly it’s within the capabilities of the K-segg Group + Saab. Of course, assuming that we ever get there.
The AeroX is a nice shape, but there is something so sleek and “right” about the Aston. Low and edgy. Not to be trifled with.
Ah, well, food for thought.
From a recent Car & Driver article on the upcoming Alfa-Romeo 8C Spider comes this statement about the elasticity of the Alfa-Romeo brand:

Alfa is perhaps the only brand that can credibly deliver both a budget subcompact and a $300,000 convertible. There’s a kind of artistry to that, too.

I’m wondering if Saab can be such a brand under Koenigsegg Group ownership? After all, we are, for the most part, positive on the 9x concept and on the AeroX concept. Could both cars be good for Saab? Could Saab be a supercar purveyor and a brand for the everyman at the same time? Interesting question to ponder.
Finally, I’m not 100% sure if this gent was out of his mind or if he’s just a Volkswagen enthusiast (could be the same thing?). Either way, inking it onto one’s arm is a bit much.

cel tattoo.jpg

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