Friday Night Snippets – Scarum edition!

Our mate in Spain, EduSaab, was in Germany and Trollhattan recently, with a side trip to the Nurburgring as well as the Porsche and Mercedes museums (lucky bloke!) and the IAA. We actually crossed through Frankfurt airport on the same day, but about three hours apart.
Anyway, EduSaab has loaded some photos of the trip onto Picasa and invites you be a peeping tom.
Some samples:
P1010597 [1280x768].JPG
P1010880 [1280x768].JPG
P1010983 [1280x768].JPG
P1020055 [1280x768].JPG
A new album review was spotted in a newspaper here in Australia today. The band is called Joe Gideon and the Shark, the album is called Harum Scarum and there’s no need to tell you why the album cover is being featured on this site:
The album got 4 stars (out of 5). Their Myspace site is here if you want to check it out.
Aaron W was checking out one of the old articles on a Saab ute from Trollhattan Saab. That got him searching the interwebs, where he found this gem of a photochop:
Even I’d be tempted into a ute like that!
And speaking of utes, one Volvo owner has confirmed his brand’s reputation for boxy design:
Thanks to Mike900 for that one.
Ben K has done some photoshopping of his own and dreamed up some subtle mods for a Koenigsegg Edition of the Saab 9-3. It almost looks like it’s got that new diamond weave carbon fibre coating a-la the new Koenigsegg Trevita.
9-3 SS Koenigsegg Edition 1.jpg
9-3 SS Koenigsegg Edition 1a.jpg

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