Friday Snippets – hope on the horizon edition

Here are a few stories I didn’t get around to publishing last night before heading off for a decent night’s sleep (it has to happen occasionally).
Saab laid off 700 people earlier this year as part of their restructuring, and to match the reduced production levels they’ve had to maintain this year in order to preserve cash.
Weeks ago, they put one of these people back into a job. A small, but symbolic moment for the company.
Yesterday, TTELA reported that Saab were inviting another 40 people back to the factory. These positions were required in order to help with the preparation of the factory for production of the Saab 9-3 convertible and the new Saab 9-5. Saab are also planning to boost production a little prior to Christmas.
I’d expect even more will come back when those new vehicles actually come online early next year. Good news!
Secondly, there’s been an article about Christian von Koenigsegg in a German magazine called “Impulse”.
Till72 has been kind enough to translate some snippets for us.

“It is simple,” says his wife (Halldora von Koenigsegg works for the company). “Christian hurts to see the brand on the ground. Saab was once an innovative company. He wants it to be that again. My husband is an inventor, a visionary. My job will be to implement his ideas.”
The Taxi driver…
Many people are enthusiastic in Ängelholm, the acquisition of Saab is anticipated later this year. “For the region, but also for the whole country would be a good thing,” says Björn Englund, a taxi driver. Like him, most of Sweden Saab would like to see again as a Swedish company. “It is also about national pride and honor of the traditional Swedish automotive industry.”
K-segg worker:
The staff will or shall not talk about the deal. Nur so viel: Only this: “Our boss is a genius. We believe in him,” says one. De Salvatore raves how much passion Koenigsegg shows. “Christian is a doer,” she says. Without question, the people are standing behind him.

Thanks to Till!

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