Fritz Henderson – still rolling in a Saab (sometimes, or his wife is…)

There was some scuttlebut a little while ago that maybe Fritz Henderson was reluctant to sell Saab because he knew how good the upcoming range of cars was going to be.
Whether true or not, Fritz is very familiar with Saab being an ex-GM Europe guy, and is reputed to have a soft sport for GM’s Swedish brand.
So when he was asked during a Fastlane chat what’s currently in his garage, it shouldn’t have been a big surprise to see one of Sweden’s finest….

Finally, when asked what cars are currently in Henderson’s garage, the General’s general said, “Camaro, 2005 Corvette, Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible.

I think it was Bob Lutz who said “We love Saab at GM. Our wives love driving them” so maybe Fritz isn’t driving the Saab himself.
But I’d like to think the other two cars are there because they’re expected to be there and that when no-one’s looking, Fritz heads for the ragtop.
Thanks to LotusEnthusiast
And sorry things are slow. I’m making a movie 🙂

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