Good news week for Saab

You know, it was only last weekend when I did a summary post gathering together all the bad news stories about Saab that had appeared in the preceding week.
I guess a week can be a long time in the automotive industry.
In the interest of balance, I thought it only right that we cover the good news that’s surrounded Saab this week.
Let’s start with a mini-story that I haven’t covered on the site yet. Call it “The Power of One”.
TTELA are reporting that Saab reinstated the first of its laid off employees this week. An increase in operations in one particular part of the factory meant that they needed some expertise on one particular machine.
It’s small, but given where Saab have been in the last 12 months – pretty much plumbing the depths that a car manufacturer can fall to – it’s symbolic.
To the stuff we have covered this week…….
We started the week with some definite, from Saab, news about the migration of the Saab Convertible from the Magna Steyr factory in Austria. The last convertibles will roll of the Magna production line in December.
Next we had the BRILLIANT news that the Swedish government had given their provisional approval to Saab getting loan guarantees. The European Commission now has to decide that the loans fall within their loan parameters, then the EIB needs to actually finish examining Saab’s business plan and agree to the loan.
Speaking of Saab’s business plan, KPMG took a look at it and deemed it to be “credible, but risky”. Just like anything that’s worth doing in life.
On the other side of the pond, Saab Cars North America started their new life on Monday 5th and they’re checking out property for a new HQ just north of Detroit.
Saab won a Lean Award for having efficient production facilities at their plant in Trollhattan. Due recognition for all the hard work that’s gone into improving the facility in the last few years.
And finally, the Saab 9-5 began its European Tour, being shown off to various dealers and VIP customers in various markets.
When you have a week like the one Saab had in the week previous, you’d happily take a quiet uneventful week as a follow-up.
For Saab to have an outstanding week, full of promise like this, was quite possibly just the tonic they all needed.

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