Guy dreams up Saab 95 Sonett combination

I don’t know who Theophilus Chin is, but he turned up on my feeds when he came up with an idea for a new Saab Sonett as a lead vehicle for a new Koenigsegg-owned Saab.
OK, he’s not the first to suggest a new Sonett and many of us would love for Saab to introduce a tossable coupe/hatch. I’m not sure Mr Chin’s idea is going to go down that well, however:

A modern interpretation of the Sonett with a shortened platform of the upcoming Saab 9-3, a crossover between a coupe and a two door hatch back, yet with longer rear overhangs sporting a large glass door hatch. What this does, is that it is essentially a 2+2, yet unlike most modern 2+2 cars that’s actually 2 adults plus 2 chihuahuas, the Sonett’s rear seats will be facing rearwards, looking out into the rear windscreen, with smaller seats and a slightly recessed boot deck. This allows two adults up front, and two children or rather petite adults at the back, seating four. Impossible to have a little sports car for the family? Not quite.

It may well be possible to have a little sports car for the family, but I’m pretty sure it’s darn well impossible to have a little sports car for the family without the rear-facing kids throwing up when you drive it like a sports car should be driven!
I don’t know if you’ve ever sat in the rear facing seat of an old Saab 95 wagon, but let’s just say it’s not a place for the feinthearted. The inability to see the road ahead means that your body can’t prepare for the undulations in the road. It’s the closest thing on four wheels to being in a boat.
I’d hate to be cleaning out that proposed Sonett after a family lunch at Sizzler!
Still, it’s a nice proposal, and it’s nice to see others thinking about our little car company. Make it a stripped down pure 2-seater, 2.0T HOT with XWD, give it some better rear visibility and you’ve sold one already!

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