Help ‘Me’!

If you’ve been hanging around here for a little while now, you’re probably familiar with a reader/commenter named ‘Me’.
I know, it’s a little confusing. Everytime I write something credited to ‘Me’ I figure you’re going to think I’ve gone a little nutty. Anyway…..
‘Me’ has one of those delightful dilemmas on his plate and he’d like some help. I’ve given my thoughts privately via email, but we thought we’d open things up to get the opinions of others, too.
From ‘Me’

Hi Swade,
I need some advice, at least an opinion about it.
I can have a company car, and I can choose whatever car I want (there is a leasing quote maximum), so I am looking for a SAAB (what else?).
These are my 4 options. All four are Red and SC, and I have chosen cars with similar prices.

  • 9-5 SC 2.3t M5 (185bhp) Vector Griffin Edition (lots of bells and whistles)
  • 9-5 SC 1.9 TiD M5 (150bhp) Vector Griffin Edition (lots of bells and whistles)
  • 9-3 SC 2.0T M6 (210bhp) Vector (less whistles more power)
  • 9-3 SC 1.9TTiD M6 (180bhp) Vector (less whistles more power)

Which one would you choose? (a 99T was not an option 😉 )

And from ….er ……me. As in Swade, the real me as I sit here writing this:

Tough choice, but one that you can’t really go wrong with.
Personally, I’d say goodbye to the outgoing 9-5 by getting the 2.3t. You get a great Saaby engine and all the bells and whistles. Sounds like a good combination to me.
If looks are a priority, then maybe the 9-3 2.0T. Personally I think the 9-3 looks better in red than the 9-5. But if such superficial things aren’t important to you then I’d go for the 9-5.
Just my opinion, though.

Your thoughts?
Comments are open so please enlighten ‘Me’ – and me – with your pearls of wisdom.

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