How are you?

It’s the eve of the EIB board meeting.
I think it’ll go well. I think the EIB board will approve the loan and I think the EU will also pass the loan. I think the main obstacle will be the Swedish Debt Office and if Saab can get past them the deal is home and hosed.
It’s been a long year leading up to this, hasn’t it? If you’ve been watching the whole thing intently like I have then it almost seems anti-climactic. We’ve been trying to anticipate everything that’s been going to happen but now it seems like there’s no anticipation anymore, no jokers in the deck, no higher levels of hope. There’s just what’s in front of us right now.
The basic plan is known, the way it might unfold unknown.
There’s been a lull in the news since Frankfurt as we wait for this to unfold and that pause has given the site a chance to breathe, to find it’s way again. I still don’t think it’s there, to be honest. I don’t really know what SU becomes after this deal gets finished.
I know I’ve been a bit testy with a few people in the last few weeks, and a few have been that way with me and others as well. My apologies if I’ve offended anyone. I think it’s mainly the tension of the situation and the let down of not having much to …. well….. not much to provide some good coverage of. For the best part of a year, we’ve all had a mission (breaking/telling the news) and now that that mission is pretty much out of our hands, there’s something akin to a loss of purpose.

Whilst I’m thinking about that mission, I just want to congratulate and thank every one of you for an incredible job. Along with just one or two mainstream sources, I think Saabs United really became amongst the top, most accurate and authoratative sites for news about the sale of Saab from General Motors.
We were timely, we were very accurate and relevant. We had some fun.
We had some incredibly passionate people working hard to track stories and I had some sources and access behind the scenes that would blow your mind if you knew the extent of it. Together, we really had it going on.
So thankyou to the trackers, the translators and, of course, to the Djup Strupes.

Somewhere inside, I’m quite excited about the possibilities for a new Saab. But all this ‘new Saab’ stuff took the focus away from this site’s raison d’être – being an enthused owner of a Saab right now.
I’m not sure how to bring that back, but I guess we’ll figure it out as we go. Will it ever be the same, though? I think maybe we need another mission.
I hope that all makes sense.
So…… how are you going?

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