I am a sucker. I admit it.

The last Mac vs PC post I did here, just prior to going to Frankfurt, attracted more comments than 99% of the car-related posts here. Such is the depth of feeling about these things.
As you know, I ended up purchasing a Toshiba laptop the day before I left and it was a brilliant performer whilst I was away. To be honest, I didn’t even mind Vista that much.
Is that past tense I see you using there, Mr blogger?
Why yes, it is.
Whilst the Toshiba was/is a fantastic piece of kit to use, the one thing it wasn’t was easily portable. I knew it was big when I bought it, but I didn’t realise just how much bigger it would feel when I had to pull it in and out of my carry-on luggage on a regular basis.
Want to know something else I knew when I bought it? I knew that my 18 year-old stepson might be interested in taking it off my hands when I got back home. And he was.
So I’ve sold the Toshiba less than a month into owning it and replaced it with something a little more portable, and I’ve got to admit, something that really is very nice to use…..

Yes, I ponied up around $300 or so too much and bought a Macbook Pro.
It’s the base 13-inch model but I got them to buck up the RAM to 4-gig. For home use, I also bought an insanely cheap 20-inch HD monitor from Dell, which was $200 delivered. That’s still on it’s way.
As you can see, the Mac is much more compact in all ways, including weight. It really is nicely screwed together.
The Toshiba outspecs it in every possible way, however, including a big tick in the price box. The Toshiba cost me just over $1,500 (I sold it to junior for a bit less than that – it was ‘used’ by that stage) whereas the Mac cost a shade over $2K once you factor in the extra RAM.
But the Mac’s got a user interface I’m quite used to now, great utility software and the portability bonus will be especially appreciated.
So…. count me in as one of those Mac suckers. But in my own defence, I didn’t get one because of the marketing and to be honest, the retail experience wasn’t great (Mac sellers are in danger of becoming too smug for their own good). I bought it because the product is really, really good.
Saab want to be the Apple of the car industry. This is what they need to do – make the product really, really good.

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