It’s Saab EIB loan day. Will anything happen?

Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for for a couple of months now. The board of the European Investment Bank will convene and on their agenda for today is Saab’s loan application.
A couple of big questions arise:

  • Will they make the answer public today?
  • Will it make a shred of difference?

My personal prediction is that the answer will be ‘no’ to both. I think it may take a couple of days to get the answer from the EIB, or for someone to make the statement public.
I hope I’m wrong on that first one, and even if I am I don’t think it’ll make a difference to the second one.
Regardless of when the answer comes, I’m confident that it’ll be positive news for Saab – and therefore it won’t make a shred of difference to what Saab’s doing right now.
Right now they’re working on getting production of the 9-3 Convertible and the new 9-5 set up in Trollhattan. Right now they’re promoting the new 9-5 on a tour around Europe and preparing to show it for the first time in the United States. Right now they’re working on all the details of separation from General Motors. Right now they’re working on import deals so as to continue selling Saabs in various countries. Right now they’re working on finalising the deal and the subsequent migration to ownership by the Koenigsegg Group.
They’ll keep working on all of that while they wait for the EU and the Swedish Debt Office to work out their stuff (which I believe will be favourable as well).
Getting the loan just means all of that will proceed as it is now. Later on, it’ll mean the addition of various project that will be funded by the EIB money and hopefully the acceleration of a new 9-3.
New Saab – come on down!!!!

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