Koenigsegg-Saab update

All has been quiet on the Koenigsegg bid to purchase Saab. It’s like the cone of silence has descended over everything. As a blogger, it’s been quite a shock as I’ve had to revert back to being in ‘ownership’ mode rather than ‘news hound’ mode.
But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing going on. In fact, I could well imagine that things are quite frantic behind the scenes.
There’s nothing new to report at this time, but as I looked at my calendar today I was reminded of a couple of things.
1) Saab had always hoped to have the deal stitched up by the end of September. That got pushed out to the end of October when the group failed to get loan documentation to the EIB on time. It’s October 16 today, which means that in as little as two weeks, the paperwork could be signed, formally beginning the real process of separating Saab from General Motors ownership.
Of course, all of that relies on……
2) Next week’s meeting of the European Investment Bank. The EIB is due to meet on October 21 and news services expect that a decision should be made about Saab’s loan application either then or the day after.
Bottom line – “Marzipan Cake Day” is getting closer and closer 🙂
Bring it on, baby!

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