Monday Snippets – 9-5 ain’t too big edition

Let it be noted here in this Tasmanian record of Swedish goings-on that the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2010 was not won by three Americans, as stated in The Local. Whilst she does her work in the US, Elizabeth Blackburn is a dual US-Aussie citizen and was born right here in Hobart. Yes, we’re all basking in another Tasmanian first – Australia’s first Nobel Laureate.
Call yourself hardcore?
That arm belongs to Kristjian, owner of the Saab 9000 that we took photochop requests for a month-or-so ago. The design was based on a graphic used on one of PA Johansson’s super-powerful Saabs.
I’m not a tattoo guy, personally, but I’m always ready to admire the commitment of those who are. Contratulations to Kristjian on getting the design he wanted.
I know there’s been some disquiet about whether or not the 9-5 is the wrong size car at the wrong time.
Americans are apparently experiencing some degree of buyer’s remorse with respect to the smaller cars they’ve been buying in the last few years. Ted Y found an article in his local newspaper (no online link at this point) stating that there’s a coming trend amongst buyers for larger cars than the ones they’ve been buying recently.

“What they said in the study is they want a bigger car. They bought a fuel efficient car, but now they’re saying ‘it does what I want, but it doesn’t have what I want. It doesn’t have the features, the power, the room, and next time I’ll opt for a bigger car.’
…..30% [of respondents] said they wanted more power, 25% wanted more cargo room, 18% wanted more room in general and 25% want more technology.

A larger Saab 9-5 with a fuel efficient 220hp engine might just do alright there if marketed to meet those needs…..
We’d already covered the fact that the Saab 9-3 Turbo X would appear in the next edition of Forza Motorsport (#3) for the X-Box, but I’ve heard an unconfirmed rumour via Hampus (a young bloke I met all too briefly at dinner in Trollhattan) that a vintage Saab 96 from the late 1970’s might also be appearing.
The game is released in just a few weeks, so we won’t have long to wait and see.

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