Motor Trend: Saab to develop own platform for new 9-3

It’s great to see Saab getting some bona-fide coverage in the big motoring press. Coverage that doesn’t mention the word ‘re-badged’ is always good for the soul. In this instance, it’s the complete opposite.
Motor Trend have picked up on a quote from Saab’s Global Brand guy, Knut Simonsson, and used four words to craft an entire two page piece.
Those four words are “more unlikely than likely” and they were uttered in reference to Saab using a GM architecture for the next generation of the Saab 9-3.
The common belief was that the next 9-3 would be based on the same architecture as GM’s new Opel Astra, moving down a size from the new Epsilon architecture that the new 9-5 uses.
I’ve mentioned before that Saab definitely are working hard on a new 9-3 already, and that the initial design sent over from Germany for the ‘showroom of the future’ has been abandoned for this purpose.
Whether they’re going to go it alone in terms of vehicle architecture is unknown to me, but that would be one very expensive and time consuming call to make at this fragile point in Saab’s life.
Verdict: wait and see.
The MT article’s a pretty good snapshot of what’s going on right now. Recommended reading.
Thanks for the emails that came in about it prior to my feedreading this morning.

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