My 99T journey begins!

Hot off the press, here’s my 99Turbo getting loaded up and carried away!
Click to enlarge….
A lot of work remains, but it’s good to see a real beginning.
The car is being towed to Wantirna Automotive, in Melbourne, which is run by a Saab specialist named David Bascombe. Dave’s brief is to get the car running and OK for a three-hour drive, which is what it’ll undergo when it’s ready.
We believe at this point that getting it running will involve a new battery, possibly a new fuel pump and either slave or master cylinder for the clutch. Obviously, it also may involve fluid changes for the oil, cooling and brake systems, too.
When it’s ready, I’ll have to fly over to Melbourne, change the rusted rear hatch for a good one (incl in the spares that come with the car), load it up with as many spare parts as I can fit in it and then bring it home via an overnight ferry.
I can’t wait to get started!

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