Olaf upgrades – Saab 9-5

Back in Frankfurt (was it just last month????) I met Olaf B.
You might recall Olaf’s work because he’s a professional photographer and he took some amazing images of the Saab stand at the IAA in Frankfurt.
Saab stand at Frankfurt
Olaf’s just updated me on the state of his garage, which has recently been blessed with the presence of a new Saab 9-5.
So what does he think of it?

I ask you and all the others: How old is this Design?
12 Years?
It’s timeless!
It’s a brand new 9-5 Griffin TID Hirsch, delivered from Saab Zentrum Frankfurt.

And it’s featuring some very nice new Incas, as well.
Congratulations to Olaf, and maybe this is a hint for ‘Me’ in his dilemma 🙂

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