Projekt Trifuel – BioGas Saab unveiled

SaabBioGas.JPG Saab have shown their BioGas model at a conference in Gothenburg today. Both TTELA and Auto Motor and Sport are reporting on the vehicle.
The vehicle loses around 9cms of luggage space in the rear in order to hold 100 litres of BioGas in its tanks. That much gas will take you around “20 mil” which is Swede-speak for 200 kilometers, IIRC. Plans are afoot to get that range up to 30 mil “but we have not reached that yet” according to Saab Powertrain’s Kenth Johansson.
There is no confirmation yet that this model will get the green light. The infrastructure for BioGas is still pretty limited. There are plans for around 70 BioGas filling stations in Sweden by 2012, so this isn’t a widespread solution. If it does go ahead, it’ll most likely be a Sweden-only model at first.
As it’s a demonstrator model only, there’s no idea at this point as to the cost of the conversion, but reports from a few days ago suggest it will be done at ANA rather than at the factory.

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