Saab 9-3 Viggen vs Saab Turbo X

Oh, what a sweet dilemma….
Seth has sent me an email with the following:
Here’s a small back story: I bought my 5 door black on black 2000 Viggen in ’05, & have put over 60k miles on her. I’ve done a lot of work; Viggen rescue kit, rear ARB, upgraded rear brakes, SS brake lines, iPod input, bluetooth kit, etc etc. More recently however, I’ve been doing more repairs, than preventative maintenance. It’s 10 years old, so stuff is starting to break. I’m beginning to wonder if I should trade up…
Do you think a Turbo-X is a worthy “upgrade” from the Viggen? It would be newer, presumably under warranty…but then again, it will eventually be 10yrs old too, just like my Viggen now…
What are your thoughts?

I’ll write here what I wrote to him in my email response:
Keep the Viggen and get the Turbo X anyway!!
Unfortunately, Seth’s finances don’t allow for such a dream situation so in tale worthy of the wisdom of Solomon, he has to choose between two awesome machines.
The Saab 9-3 Viggen is an incredibly flawed vehicle, which is why I love it so much. With the right modifications it goes from incredibly flawed to simply incredible and it sounds like Seth has done a lot of that work and added some more creature comforts as well.
The Turbo X is a superior vehicle in every way, but whilst my seat time in an X is limited, I have to wonder if I could love one the way I’ve loved a Viggen. Has it got the personality?
I’m quite sure the big exhaust note, sports seats and incredible grip could wash away the pain eventually, but I’d be moving heaven and earth to keep the Viggen as well as get the Turbo X. At least sell it to a friend so you can keep an eye on it and buy it back in the future.
Get the X. But prepare to miss the Viggen more than you could imagine possible.
Them’s my thoughts. Please provide your own wisdom for Seth in comments.

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