Saab 9-5 European Tour dates

This could be bigger than The Beatles!!!
OK, maybe not. But it’s definitely exciting nonetheless.
Following are the dates for the Saab 9-5 roadshow. Saab will be taking a couple of 9-5s and some execs to the following countries to show this new flagship vehicle off.
Please note: the events are by invitation only. If you haven’t got an invitation, you might like to contact your Saab dealer and see if he/she can get you one. I imagine preference will be given to prior new car buyers, etc, so please be patient if you can’t secure one. The car will be out there for everyone to see, soon enough.
To the dates:

  • Nordic countries – Oct 6-10
  • France – Oct 12-13
  • United Kingdom – Oct 14-17
  • Spain+Portugal – Oct 21-22
  • BeNeLux – Oct 20-25
  • Poland – Oct 29
  • Switzerland – Nov 3
  • Hungary – Nov 10-11
  • Austria – Nov 18-19
  • Greece – Nov 26-28
  • Italy – Dec 10-11

The first notice we received about this tour indicated that the 9-5 would tour for two weeks in the United States shortly after Christmas.
No whining about that, please. It seems we southern hemishere types will have to wait indefinitely!!

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