Saab 9-5 test mules creating curiosity in Sweden

Johan has written in with this translated excerpt from his local newspaper.

Obviously, people around Trollhattan would be seeing these cars around reasonably regularly now. But Johan’s article made me wonder whether people in other parts of Sweden have seen one wandering around at all?

Here’s the article:


The new Saab rose interest in Växjö

The new Saab 9-5 has already woken great interest from car experts. Yesterday the model that is meant to save the car company from closure woke interest in Växjö. Six lightly covered 9-5’s arrived at a Shell gas station at Mörners väg.


Evert Bäckström chief executive at Kronobergs Bilaffär, a Saab retailer, is not surprised that the cars show up on the roads in the region.

– We have got information that the new 9-5 will start shipping. And today (Tuesday) one of our salesmen is in Trollhättan together with others to get information about the new car. However we do not know when it hits the retailers, says Evert Bäckström.

Evert Bäckström first saw the new model in July

– It was in Båstad and the cars where driven there in trucks. The display was extremely secretive – we were not allowed to carry our cell phones with us, says Evert Bäckström.

He hopes and believes that the new 9-5 will save Saab.

– It draws attention everywhere. And I can only confirm other peoples impressions, it is a car apart from the rest, says Evert Bäckström.

Officially it was Holden cars that drove through Växjö yesterday. Holden is an Australian car company owned by GM and manly produces cars out of other brands, especially Opel.

A look in the car register confirms that Saab Automobile AB in Trollhättan owns the cars that where driven through Växjö. They can be used with the same restrictions as import cars and they do not have to go through inspections. (Besiktning in Swedish – J)

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