Saab 99T – closest to the pin winner

The 99T repair costs have come in and I’ve got to say I’m reasonably pleased.
The following guesses as to how much the repairs would cost were entered last night. All amounts are assumed to be Australian dollars unless otherwise noted.

  • Presto – 1250
  • Till72 – 999
  • ctm – 810 somethings
  • Pete23 – 2300
  • Baas900i – 1000+GST=1100
  • DamoG – 1287.54
  • MikeP – 900
  • AlAero – 1300
  • Brendan – 1500
  • J Fan – €849
  • Mike C – 1200
  • Pete23 (revised) – 1000 -> 1300

The winner receives a warm glow for the rest of the weekend.
And we do have a winner. An exact winner, in fact.

The total bill, paid in full today, was $1,100.
That makes Baas900i the winner of a warm glow, and me the happy owner of a fully operation Cardinal Red Saab 99 Turbo.
I checked in with David the mechanic again today and yes, the turbo does seem to be boosting OK. His only concern is the the gearbox is a little noisy, which was expected, but he said it should be fine for the trip home (about 4 hours driving in total).
Soon I’ll stop boring you to tears with every little detail about it.

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