Saab 99T Roadtrip – day 1

What a frustrating day!
We headed out to Wantirna Automotive this morning feeling quite excited about getting the 99T and then sorting out all the spare parts ready for the boat trip tomorrow night. I got there and the car started OK and ran OK, but then came the bad news.
I’ve documented that bad news here, but basically we still have fuel problems, with the tank contaminated from standing still for so long. It killed a new fuel pump and whilst we could have driven it away with the replacement pump, it would have been just a matter of time before it stopped again.
So we talked over the options and left the car there for the day. Hopefully the chemical cleaning of the tank tomorrow morning will get things right.
But it was, by no means, a wasted trip. David B at Wantirna Automotive has some great cars stored over there and we got to take a look at a few. His quite immaculate Saab 99EMS and white Saab 96 bullnose were in dark sections of the warehouse so I haven’t got photos of those. But this car should give you an idea of the quality we’re talking about here.
This is David’s 1975 Saab 95 wagon. Fully repainted and restored, it really is a very clean and straight car. My fellow Tasmania SaabNut, Drew B, already has a couple of 95s back at home and let’s just say he was looking at this one with a VERY curious eye. I think he’s looking at dominating the Saab 95 market here in Oz 🙂
In the shot above, that’s me showing my brother-in-law around the car. He’s not a Saab nut at all, so this strange looking little wagon had him interested for quite some time. I don’t think he’d ever seen anything quite like it.
Isn’t that the way it should be?
After getting the bad news about the fuel system, we headed back to my nephew’s place, where the cache of spare parts was stored. There was quite a lot to get through and the task was to figure out what was worth keeping, what was worth selling on and what would have to be thrown away.
We examined all the bits and by necessity we had to be pretty ruthless. Some stuff is just unlikely to ever be used, would be hard to carry and take up space forever. So it had to go. Some of it was cracked or not in decent order and again, just had to go.
In the end we culled about two thirds of the volume we’d initially brought over.
The keepers:
The keepers include many interior bit such as switches and vents. There was a full box of hose pipes (not pictured), some good headlamps, fluid bottles, clips, a full set of Incas and other bits. Hopefully the spare fuel pump works, though I hope we don’t need to find out too soon.
Some of it will be kept as spare bits for the car and some (like three of the four steering wheels, or three of the spare instrument binnacles) will be sold on for others to make use of.
And the discard pile:
There was a huge mix of stuff here. Spare seat coverings (non-turbo) that were a little torn, lots of slightly broken grilles, wiper arms – just about anything you can name, really.
It’s always a little sad to let stuff go, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The good news is that we should be able to fit just about everything into the rear of the car.
Here’s hoping we can actually drive it.
The day ended with a great gathering of the Saab Nuts for dinner.
Here’s a few names you might be familiar with, which you can now put to faces.
From left to right: Simon P, AlAero, Drew B, Some nutcase, Steve B (SAB) and making his full photographic debut on SU for the first time – Turbin!!
Plenty of good chats and plenty of horsepower in the carpark, too (although not from my ride – my sister’s Toyota Echo. Grrrrrr)
I really hope tomorrow brings better news on the 99T roadtrip. It’s been a rocky start but the car was running nicely earlier today. We just have to make sure it’s running in a way that’s sustainable without seizing up any more of the fuel system.
Have a great weekend. Will check back in some time tomorrow……

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