Saab 99T – the spare parts 1

This will most likely be the last Saab 99T post for a little while, but I unpacked the car this evening and couldn’t resist a little photo of all the bits we managed to cram into the car.
Click to enlarge.
What you’re looking at there:

  • Used but good windscreen with Saab Accessories tint sticker
  • Spare turbocharger – condition unknown but still spins OK
  • Spare starter motor
  • Regular rear spoiler
  • Box full of assorted hoses in good condition
  • Rear hatch sill plate
  • 2 x spare front grilles
  • Cowling that sits at base of windscreen
  • Right and left front guards
  • Nardi woodrim steering wheel
  • EMS steering wheel (will be fitted to car)
  • Box full of engine mounts and bushings
  • Box full of electrical relays
  • Box full of dash switches and stalks
  • Box #1 of interior trim pieces
  • Box with headlamps and front indicator lamps
  • Box with as-new rear light housings
  • Box of assorted bits and pieces (window rubber showing)
  • Box of assorted fluid bottles for washers and radiator heater tanks
  • Box with headlamps and replacement airbox and fuel distributor
  • Box with two sets of power side mirrors, with wiring and switches
  • Box #2 of interior trim, featuring dash pad with turbo meter
  • Saab Accessories big rear spoiler

Of course, the very Saaby thing about this is that we were able to fit ALL of that into the rear hatch of the 99, along with this (which I didn’t get out for the photo as it’s too darn heavy to lift.
A spare Saab 99Turbo gearbox:
There’s more to come, too.
Back in Melbourne and hopefully coming soon in the back of Simon P’s C900 are:

  • 2x replacement doors
  • 4x Inca wheels
  • 2x steering racks
  • Assorted other odds and ends that I can’t remember right now.


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