Saab electric van – for sale!!!

We covered the Saab-source electric postal phone company van a few weeks ago and it seems a similar vehicle has come up for sale on a website in Germany.
This is the image I showed a few weeks ago:
Saab 99 Electric Postal Truck
The vehicle that’s come up for sale is advertised under the title Saab Andere and as you can see, it features a somewhat different different front end, though the rest looks very similar.
Click to enlarge.

If I’m reading that information sheet correctly then it looks like it was made by a company called TJ Electric in 1974, based on a Saab 95 (rather than the Saab 99 that previously figured).
Top speed is a heady and silent 70km/h.
If someone’s interested in this exclusive piece of Saabology, someone’s asking 10,000 Euros for it.

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