Saab gearing up for 9-3 Convertible and 9-5 production

The IF Metall union guys in Trollhattan are a little mad at management right now, but I’ve got to say that the reason for their anger is music to my ears.
Saab will be halting production for a few weeks in November in order to do some installation work on tooling for the Saab 9-3 Convertible and the new Saab 9-5.
From TTELA via Googletrans:

During week 45 and 46, the first two weeks in November, the production Saab to a halt. [They will] begin the process of building the line to be able to produce 9-3 Convertible and the new 9-5.
Some staff will then have to go training and others will be busy with another job in the factory. But there remains a lot of staff who will be idle.

The union are upset because workers may have to take leave without pay during the downtime if they’re not involved with re-training or installation.
Whilst I’m sympathetic, the real news for me is the forward progress the company is making on getting the factory in shape for the future.
Saab’s production is coming home, where it belongs.

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