Saab Pride – Finnish Style

Saab PrideOk, so this isn’t a real Saab Pride entry. But even just reading a Googletrans of the story, it feels like it should be.
A young Finnish journalist, Hanna Huhtasaari, inherited a family heirloom in the form of a 1982 Saab 99 GL and decided to take a road trip north.

I can hardly believe it. There he is innocent in white, elegant and sporty. He comes from a good stable, is accident, corrosion-resistant and well maintained. My first car: a Saab 99. Built in 1982. My grandfather, who was for 22 years a Saab driver has left him to me. Faithful he has been waiting all winter long in the garage for me, let him take me to northern Lapland.

What transpired isn’t totally clear in a translation, but it seems like there’s a lot of good memories there, including that distinctive Saab smell (thanks Lance!).
The article appears in Spiegel and you can read the Googletrans, or the original piece. I’ve included a couple of photos as they’re really quite nice and give you a good feel for what I’m sure was a very nostalgic and memorable road trip.
Click to enlarge…..
This is one that I found quite interesting. Looks like an economy gauge in the same spot where they put the turbo gauges on the 99T. I never knew they did that.
And this one shows why Saab went to all that trouble with moose tests…..
With thanks to Radulf and Alexandros!

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