Saab score high on Consumer Reports reliability rankings

UPDATE below
I can’t believe my eyes!!
A news release today from Consumer Reports ranks Saab at #11 for predicted 2010 model year vehicle reliability.

  1. Scion
  2. Honda
  3. Toyota
  4. Infiniti
  5. Acura
  6. Mitsubishi
  7. Lexus
  8. Hyundai
  9. Porsche
  10. Mercury
  11. Saab
  12. Subaru
  13. Suzuki
  14. Kia
  15. Mazda
  16. Ford
  17. Nissan
  18. Volvo
  19. Buick
  20. Lincoln
  21. Volkswagen
  22. Pontiac
  23. Mercedes-Benz
  24. Audi
  25. Chevrolet
  26. BMW
  27. Mini
  28. GMC
  29. Saturn
  30. Jeep
  31. Dodge
  32. Cadillac
  33. Chrysler

I’m not sure what the etiequette is in this situation. I’ve spent a lot of time deriding CR’s methodology in the past and I stand by that 100%. I guess it would be somewhat duplicitous of me to get too excited about this.
I’m please to see the improved result, however, if only because it helps remove some of those negative GM stereotypes that Saab would like to shuffle off before proceeding down their own path in the United States.
Of course, it’s interesting to see that two of the brands GM is discarding are placed higher than any of the brands they’re keeping. Interesting too, is the not-unusual domination by Asian carmakers in the top 10.
Congratulations, Saab!
Thanks to Seth for the heads-up
Saab jumped 12 places in this study.
The big loser was Mini, falling 14 places, with Lincoln down 9 spots and Subaru down 5.
Click to enlarge…. of view the full chart at autoblog.
Also, the Saab 9-3 is now a recommended pick…..

Thanks to Logan for the heads up on these…..

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