Saab UK sales data – September 2009

Sales data from the Great Britain has arrived and it’s fair to say that it was a relatively good month for Saab GB.
Along with the data, I received a little behind the scenes information about the real numbers behind the numbers.
To the data first:
Saab GB sold 1,093 vehicles in September. That’s a 50% fall on the same month last year, but those figures made the British market Saab’s biggest market in September. Bear in mind, though, that sales trends in Britain tend to make September and March very big months as new registration plates are made available.
Still, there’s some good information underlying those numbers.

  1. The Saab 9-3x is starting to arrive on British Saab dealer forecourts and is starting to get some traction in the market. One guy I’ve been talking to has been driving it for a few weeks and like me, has been very impressed with it. This is a seriously good vehicle.
  2. Whilst the numbers are 50% down at face value, Saab GB are quietly delighted with them as the number of private registrations included in that figure is up 100% compared with 2008. That’s huge. They also beat their internal targets by around 25%.

So a hearty “good show” to the people at Saab GB. This company can have a future.

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