Call this a public service announcement if you like.
Some of you might be familiar with a guy living in Michigan named Wulf, especially if you frequent Saab Central. Wulf ran a Saab website a little while ago, with a focus on storing various types of Saab media like press materials, advertisments and brochures.
The site was called Saab Media, but Wulf had to let it go for various reasons. He’s recently felt the itch to get things going again, but someone snapped up the Saab Media domain name during his hiatus.
Never one to wait around, Wulf has registered and re-loaded everything there. He’s adding more material too, as he gets time.
There’s a heap of stuff there, and I’m sure Wulf would be pleased if you check it out, bookmark the site and keep checking back for groovy Saab material like this:

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