Saab’s 0-100km/h times. A problem?

This is one of those old and interesting questions…..
The 0-100 km/h statistic (or 0-60 in the old school markets) is one of those numbers that many people use to measure a car. It’s also a number that means little in real life as there’s seldom a time when we need to match the published number. But it does give an instantly familiar and comparable measurement with which we can compare different cars and it’s one that many people look for first.
The following was sent in via email by “Me”, who’s being crunching a few numbers between a Saab 9-3 and the new VW Golf:

The new VW Golf R has been launched and although this might seem less important to a SAAB fan it is in a certain way quite interesting.
The last generation’s Golf R was named the Golf R32 and it used a 3.2 L naturally aspirated V6 engine. The new engine is a 4-banger with a turbo, it has more power than the old engine and similar torque along with much reduced fuel consumption.
Where have I heard a similar sentence ?? 😉
I wanted to compare the Volkswagen Golf R2.0T 4Motion (270HP/350Nm) with the 9-3 Aero XWD MY’10 (240HP/350Nm).
Fuel Consumption:

  • VW – 8,5 l/100km
  • Saab – 8,2 l/100km

Acceleration 80 – 120 kph:

  • VW – 8 sec
  • Saab – 7,8 sec

Acceleration 0 – 100 kph

  • VW – 5,7 sec
  • Saab – 7,3 sec

Although both cars curb weight is a little more than 1.5 tons and the engines performance data is quite similar, the VW is 1,5 sec faster from 0-100kph?
I know you also won’t have an explanation for this, but maybe someone out there does – why are current SAABs so slow from 0-100? Even the ’99 viggen with its FWD and 225HP/ 343Nm was able to do the 0-100 kph in 6,8 sec.
The new Hirsch tuned Saab 9-3 2.0T XWD Performance version (270HP/390Nm) is also only able to do the 0-100kph in 6.4secs.
Swade again, here…….
I guess the relevant questions are:

  • Are Saabs too slow for many of you from 0-100?
  • Why is the 0-100 seemingly so far behind a competitive model?
  • Do people consider the 0-100 important, or place more emphasis on the 80-120?

Personally, I’m more of an acceleration-in-motion guy. The only thing that bothers me about 1st gear being quite anemic is that it makes for a slightly less smooth driving experience.
My days of drag racing from the lights are well behind me.

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