Small market Saab sales data

Some people have been sending in the small market sales data for their countries, which is much appreciated.
It’s still bleak out there in most of the Saaby world, but as Saab GB demonstrated last month, there is some light on the horizon.
Saab sold only 70 vehicles in Germany in September. They’ve sold a total of 1,085 vehicles there so far this year, which is down the typical 65% compared to Jan-Sept 2008.
Thanks Till!
If Canada’s anything like what I’ve been hearing about the US, then there’s barely any new models to sell as dealers can’t get 2010 models through the door.
the fall was slightly smaller in Canada in September, down by less than 50%. There were 59 vehicles sold in September compared to 114 in the same month last year.
As Zippy noted when he sent me the figures (thanks!), BMW sales were up 50% so I think it’s fair to say the recenssion (what recession?) is no longer having an effect in Canuck land.
Saab’s most fragile market, the Dutch market, saw a little fall in sales in September. The Dutch market is one I watch with interest as it’s historically been quite a strong market for Saab, but has suffered in recent years with the vehicle importer, Kroymans, going bankrupt.
There were just 22 Saabs sold in the Netherlands in September.
Thanks Albert!
The Australian sales data is slightly, well, incredible.
Australia sold 168 vehicles in September, which was a massive rise from the 75 sold last month, and an even more massive rise over the mere 40 vehicles sold in September 2008.
What’s going on?!
If you’ve got any sales data from your country, please feel free to either add the information in comments or email me and I’ll add the figures to this post.

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