State of Nine kit out US Saab 9-3SS with lots of Hirsch goodness

State of Nine kicked off the US Hirsch odyssey a few months ago. I know it’s frustrating for some that the engine tuning isn’t available yet, but I’m sure that’s being worked on.
In the meantime there is plenty of Hirsch body and interior enhancement available for modern Saabs and State of Nine recently fitted a range of Hirsch products to a Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan and took some photos so that everyone could see the results.
These next few photos show the Hirsch leather dash kit. This is how Saab’s upper level models should have come from the factory. I’ve seen it installed in a Turbo X in Sweden and I can tell you first hand that it’s worth every penny.
Now when I say it’s worth every penny, it’s worth noting that there’s quite a few pennies in the pricetag for this stuff. Hirsch stuff does cost more than regular aftermarket gear. There’s no doubt about that. But the reason why it costs more is because it’s so good.
All of these products have to be of a standard as if they were made by Saab themselves. There’s no compromise in terms of fit or quality because there can’t be.
The interior leather theme continues through the rest of the cabin, too, with the Hirsch decor trim set.
…..along with the Hirsch Aluminum pedal set.
To that outside of the car, and at the back there’s a functional rear diffuser.
….and a rear spoiler (2008 model only)
The front shows off a set of 18-inch Hirsch wheels, the 4-piece front grille kit and the Hirsch front splitter, all of which look and perform brilliantly.
It’s a bold step for State of Nine to take the plunge and bring this gear into the United States and I applaud them for it.
You want the best Saab you can get? There’s no better or safer way to do that than to get factory-backed parts, which is exactly what Hirsch is.
Check out State of Nine’s Hirsch range.

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