Sunday Saab Flickr Dump

I’ve been saving some photo for a while now so it’s time once again for one of my favourite little pastimes here – sharing some of the best and/or most unique Saab photography on the web.
Here’s the latest bunch – enjoy!
Click to enlarge – and there’s even links this time to click through for bigger versions and more from the same photographer.
USB drives being given away as part of the Saab 9-5 European roadshow. From Robin M (our unofficial Saab ambassador in the UK)

I haven’t seen one of these before, from the Ice Driving experience at the Ice Hotel in northern Sweden. From Kachev.
IceHotel Diploma.jpg

Black and White Aero-X models. Again, from Robin M

From a man who owns an incredible Saab 96 cabriolet himself – Golfhunter – comes this very classy custom Saab.

Crashed Saab with no-one around – from Numstead

Another collectible from Robin M. Yes, he’s very active on Flickr 🙂

Sunrise at the Golden Gate – by BriansEyeView

Another magical shot from a guy who’s been on here a few times – Bennorz

Saab 99 animated by Sven Carlsson

A wonderful gathering of the 900s for its 30th anniversary by Ivandlf

Saab V4 badge, coz some may not have seen it before. By Alpinelife

Saab 900 – Tiger Edition – by Agent Smith

Some people don’t like Lime Yellow. I can’t see why. From Savage Massiash

Another one from Kachev, who it seems got a rare opportunity to ride in with the Saab Performance Team – WOW.

One very hot looking Saab 9-3 SportCombi, from Fredrik12

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