SVT to show Koenigsegg documentary this Sunday

Showing in Sweden on November 1st, at 8pm.
From SVT’s website via Googletrans:
koenigsegg360.jpg Christian von Koenigsegg is the man who with his own hands, has built the world’s most extreme sports cars and managed to make a business from a small factory in Ängelholm. But who is this controversial entrepreneur?
The film is based on unique material recorded for 15 years, from when Christian von Koenigsegg was in overalls with the grinder, making his first prototype, up to the present – to the exciting game of Saab.
The issue has been extraordinary since the current is clear that he was frontman for the newly formed Koenigsegg Group is about to buy the car manufacturer Saab.
In the movie about Koenigsegg we learn more about Christian and his path to success, a path which has not always been spikrak (?). His projects have always been marked by a lack of money and an environment which has been more skeptical than enthusiastic. Christian himself says that he has now become a master at overcoming adversity.
– After all crises, that’s when I lean back and enjoy the situation,” he says in the film.
On the way to success, Christian von Koenigsegg himself pushed really hard and also their employees. The film tells about the work of the Koenigsegg as a lifestyle more than a regular job.
Documentary Fonts Karin C Falck and Loui Bernal has complied with Christian von Koenigsegg since 1995. Directed and written by Malcolm Dixelius.
If only it was in English……

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